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Varnish Cache, Redis, QueryBoost, and Docker Compose integrations for cPanel & WHM

About Varnish Cache for cPanel & WHM

The cPanel Varnish Plugin is UNIXy's flagship plugin that integrates Varnish with your cPanel WHM server to boost Website performance. It provides a very broad set of features at an unbeatable price. From seamless SSL caching, End-User control, Let's Encrypt integration, to smooth high-traffic handling. This plugin has reached production stability and can be deployed on CentOS / Red Hat / CloudLinux 5, 6, 7.x. You can purchase and install this plugin on your own servers.

  • Redis runs seemlessly in the background
  • Redis for cPanel is compatible with CloudLinux
  • Save precious seconds form your page loads
  • Click, click, click. And done!

The cPanel Varnish Plugin brings you Varnish Cache, a website cache and accelerator, and unleaches its full potential on cPanel WHM. The plugin automatically installs Varnish Cache, integrates it with your cPanel WHM & Apache server, and packs smart programming to unlock amazing Website performance improvements. Performance improvements that are, regarldess of current server optimizations, severalfold better than your current benchmarks. By default, the Varnish Cache software comes with very simple instructions so that it starts up and does basic image and file caching. However, Varnish is a highly programmable and extensible server software. Its caching behavior can be tweaked and its performance enhanced. UNIXy has leveraged this programmable language to make your website pull faster than any existing server-side technology including typical configurations of Varnish that are available online.

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We provide a variety of pricing brackets suitable for all budgets. Longer term billing tends to pack more savings. DC bulk pricing is available too.

1 Month

$15per month

  • Cancel at anytime
  • Free ticket-based support
  • Powers unlimited accounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Owned License Paid Once

$200paid once

  • Pay once & own it forever
  • Free one-time installation
  • From $15/year upgrades
  • Lock-in price indefinitely