Speed Up Your cPanel Hosted Websites

Varnish Cache, Redis, QueryBoost, and Docker Compose integrations for cPanel & WHM

Software Products

Forget about installing performance tools manually or needing to waste time on the command line to set them up. Our product does EVERYTHING for you. It automatically downloads and configures the software, fully optimized. All from the comfort of cPanel. Save enormous time and money!

Docker for cPanel

Docker on cPanel is the holy grail for development, deployment and much more. Docker on cPanel gets you the best of both worlds.

Varnish for cPanel

This product is the epitome of performance. Install this plugin to unlock of the unequaled performance power of Varnish.

QueryBoost for cPanel

QueryBoost caches the slow queries running in your databases. Gain precious seconds worth of page loading times with a few clicks.

Redis for cPanel

We're on a mission to knock down all bottlenecks from all layers of your LAMP stack. Redis gets us there with high flying colors!