Performance Boost for Your cPanel Websites

Varnish Cache, Redis, QueryBoost, and Docker Compose integrations for cPanel WHM


VelocityPack is a conglomerate of apps focused on making your cPanel-hosted websites load faster while using fewer server resources. Thus increasing server density. The apps work on caching and accelerating frequently accessed resources at several levels of the LAMP stack.

  • cPanel Varnish accelerates and caches pages
  • QueryBoost leverages AI to cache SQL queries
  • cPanel Redis caches objects at the app level
  • Docker for cPanel accelerates development

Though we make software easy to download and install on your own servers, we remain steadfast in providing hands-on support services to those who need it.

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VelocityPack goes beyond building website performance apps. We offer an umbrella of services to support our customers so they make the most out of their purchase. Services include the installation of apps, trouble shooting, and retainer support among others. Go from SLOW to WOW in minutes!

Plenty Adequate

We provide on-point support so you make the most of your purchase

Prompt & Timely

Requests are handled in a timely manner with the option to schedule work

Speed Focused

We are performance-aware in every step of the way and ensure you get the most of it

Made Easy

Rest easy knowing that our support will assist you throughout

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The download link and a user manual are made available immediately and automatically upon payment.


We provide a variety of pricing brackets suitable for all budgets. Longer term billing tends to pack more savings. DC bulk pricing is available too.

Starting From

$10per month

  • Cancel at anytime
  • Free ticket-based support
  • Powers unlimited accounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Owned Licenses Starting From

$150paid once

  • Pay once & own it forever
  • Free one-time installation
  • From $15/year upgrades
  • Lock-in price indefinitely

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get in touch should you have any pre-sales question. You can also reach us through our ticketing system.


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